Chrome 23 Lands on the New Chromebook, but the Rest Are Stuck with Chrome 21

The new Chromebook got Chrome 23 before desktops

Chrome 23 has been out in the stable channel for a few days now and, surprisingly, it's already available for Chromebook users as well.

Don't get too excited, it's only for owners of the new cheap Chromebook, but it's still a big improvement over the rate at which Chrome is regularly updated for these devices.

In fact, there's no better example of the annoying delay in Chrome OS updates than the fact that Chrome 23.0.1271.84 is now in the stable, beta and dev channel for Chrome OS.

What's more, Chrome 23 debuted in the stable channel for Chrome OS before it landed on desktops.

This is only for the new Chromebook, what's even stranger is that the other Chromebooks are stuck with a much older Chrome 21.

On the other hand, in the dev channel for these other devices, Chrome 24 has already made its appearance.

It's clear that the release of the new Chromebook messed with the update schedule and versions and Chrome OS should be going back in sync across all devices soon.

But it's also clear that Google is only thinking of the new Chromebook now, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.

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