China's Online Population Jumps by 51 Million in 2012

Three quarter of the 564 million users are mobile at this point

China is already the most populated country in the world, so it shouldn't be too hard for it to break records and then continue breaking them.

It's already got the world's biggest internet population and with more and more coming online, it will continue to have the world's biggest number of internet users for the foreseeable future.

The China Internet Network Information Center has published its annual report and announced that the country added some 51 million users in the last year, for a total of 564 million users at the end of 2012.

At this point, 42.1 percent of the people of China have an internet connection, a 3.8 percentage point increase since the previous year.

There is one caveat though, this counts all internet users including mobile ones. At this point, 75 percent of China's internet users are mobile, 420 million access via a wireless connection.

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