China Forces Internet Users Who Upload Videos to Reveal Their True Identity

In yet another effort to control the Internet, Chinese authorities issue another order

If you thought your privacy was somehow stepped on by the usual measures taken by tech companies to verify your real identity, then you should know that in China, you now have to provide your real name before uploading a video online.

The Chinese State Administration of Press, Publication, Film, Radio and Television has issued a notice that makes it mandatory for anyone who uploads a video online to use their real names.

Web video services are, from now, only going to host videos that have been uploaded by individuals who have given out their true identity, which means they’ll need to go the extra mile and verify the users’ identity according to their IDs.

This is just another thing that the Chinese government has done to control the Internet after issuing an order some time ago that it wanted a clean Internet. It has even told Internet companies that they’d be held responsible for all content posted on their services, practically pushing them to police their users.

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