Check Out the New Experimental Chrome New Tab Page

The apps section is gone, replaced with Recently Closed and Other Devices

Chrome is sporting yet another experimental new tab page redesign, though it's not enabled by default and it's only built into the most recent Chromium releases. The new tab page switches things around a little, but is essentially the same as all that came before it.

The bookmark bar has been moved to the bottom, as opposed to straight under the main toolbar in the current new tab page.

Another change is the Recently Closed section that is now featured alongside the Most Visited and the Other Devices tabs, where the Most Visited and Apps sections currently reside.

But with Apps relegated to an external panel, another experimental feature available in Chrome for a while now, the new tab page is once again the domain of actual websites.

It's hardly the first experimental new tab page and it won't be the last, so there's no guarantee that this version or anything resembling it will eventually land in the proper Chrome.

For now, you can check it out by grabbing the latest Chromium build for Windows and launching it with the "--enable_instant_extended_api" flag.

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