Check Out the Fresh Yahoo Homepage Redesign – Video

The latest testing version of the redesign has been spotted

Yahoo has been working on a new homepage redesign for a few months now. With Marissa Mayer, responsible for the Google Search look for many years, leading Yahoo, a revamp was only a matter of time.

Yahoo has been testing a cleaner look, with fewer big ads and an emphasis on content.

The previous screenshots showed a tiled section with the main headlines, a layout similar to Windows 8 but also to many modern, image-rich websites.

A variation spotted more recently shows a different layout for the top feature and a homepage more reminiscent of the current one.

While the latest test version, spotted by Techno Net, seems like a tamer redesign, the changes are in the details. The site looks a lot more modern for one.

The top search bar also stays fixed, so you can start a new search at any time. The highlighted stories feature doesn't take up the entire page anymore and the trending section is back in there. Below that though, you'll notice the category tabs, a new feature for the homepage.

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