Cheater Dating Site Ashley Madison Launches to Criticism in Hong Kong

The site is designed to make it easy for married people to cheat

The "married dating" service Ashley Madison continues its aggressive expansion by adding Hong Kong to the list of places it serves, as a first step towards moving into mainland China. Unsurprisingly, it was met with criticism from local family planning and religious groups.

Also unsurprisingly, the site welcomed the controversy, all the attention can't be bad for the launch. Critics say that the site's promotion of adultery is anything but healthy and will lead to the unhappiness of many married couples.

The site's CEO, Noel Biderman, has a different take. He says that the demand is clearly there, as the site was accessed hundreds of thousands of times from Hong Kong before launching and without any marketing there.

The is already quite successful in Asia after launching in Japan and India last year. It boasts more than 20 million users worldwide.

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