Cheap Samsung Chromebook Lands in Play Store, Sells Out

The new Chromebook is an instant hit, or Google is only supplying a few of them

The new Samsung Chromebook, which sells for the low, low price of $249, €190, hit the Google Play Store a short while ago.

The device is on the lower spectrum, especially since it's powered by an ARM processor, but the low price and all the publicity made it quite coveted.

So much so that it sold out within hours of becoming available in the store. Granted, without knowing how many devices Google had in stock, it's impossible to say whether it sold out due to huge demand or due to low stock.

After all, if Google wanted to build up demand and to generate some positive coverage, it could have provided a relatively small number of devices to make sure they would sell out, at the risk of upsetting some buyers.

Only the WiFi version is available (the link won't work outside of the US, here's a cached version) in the store for now, the 3G version should be landing later.

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