Canada Spied on Communications of Brazil's Energy Ministry

Another report indicates that the US wasn't alone in spying on Brazil

Another leaked document puts both the United States and Canada in a tight spot when it comes to diplomatic relations with Brazil.

According to the newly published documents, Canada spied on communications of Brazil’s Mining and Energy Ministry, Globo reveals.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service had its eyes on all communications from the Brazilian ministry, including phone calls, emails and Internet traffic.

Earlier revelations indicated the United States was engaged in the same practices, as well as spying on Dilma Rousseff and oil company Petrobras. These reports have already put a strain on the relations between the two countries, with Brazil’s Rousseff canceling a meeting with US President Barack Obama.

“Canada has interests in Brazil, especially in the mining sector. Does this spying serve the commercial interests of select groups? I cannot say,” said Edilson Labao, Minister for Mining and Energy in Brazil.

The documents indicated by the report were from a meeting of the “Five Eyes” spy network (US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) in June 2012.

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