California to Allow Minors to Digitally Erase Their Online History

The law covers photos and data generated by those who make the request

The Internet is forever, and so is what you say when you’re online, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

A new Californian law enables minors to take down their online activity should they want to, the SFGate reports.

Of course, the idea is a very good one and even Google’s Eric Schmidt suggested something similar earlier this year. He then said that the Internet should have a “delete” button for those who want to remove troubling information from the Internet.

Well, California’s governor Jerry Brown wants to do exactly that. The new law doesn’t require companies to delete records from their servers when minors demand it, but simply that they take it offline. The rule covers photos, data or other online activity generated by the individuals who make the requests.

There are some limitations to the new law, namely teenagers cannot force companies to take down posts made by other people or their own content reported by others.

The new piece of legislation will go into effect in 2015.

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