CES 2013: Opera Debuts TV App Store, TVs That Run It Are MIA

Opera wants to fight in the crowded smart TV ring

Opera has never been incredibly popular on the desktop, yet it managed to survive for decades. It's done it by branching out into other niches, low-end mobile phones, internet-enabled devices and more recently, TVs. To drive that point home, Opera is now opening up a TV app store.

Opera is hardly alone in the smart TV space, in fact, despite very low adoption and usage, 2013 seems poised to be the year of the smart TV.

The Opera TV Store and the Opera Devices SDK enable developers to create apps and share them with the world.

The apps are based on standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so the format should be familiar to web developers, especially those that have delved into web apps, browser extensions and so on.

The TV Store will enable Opera for TV users to expand the functionality of their TV. For developers, it's now possible to create custom apps based on YouTube channels with the Leanback UI enabled.

The only question that hasn't been answered, the most important one, is where you'll find Opera for TV. Without OEM partners to bundle Opera for TV into TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and so on, the browser and the app store don't mean much.

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