Brazil Wants Underwater Cables Linking It to Europe to Avoid US Spying Reuters

Brazilian officials hope this will shield the country's communications from the NSA

Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian president, is not joking around when she says she wants to avoid Internet data passing through the United States at any cost. She is reportedly pressing European leaders to lay an undersea communications cable between Europe and Brazil.

According to Reuters, Rousseff is looking to convince everyone to go along with her plan during the annual EU-Brazil summit. The project needs financing of about $185 million and it could be in place within a year.

The Brazilian president believes this will shield Brazilian users from US surveillance at least to some extent.

“We are working on the financial architecture for a fiber-optic link that would be a direct connection between Brazil and Europe,” said one official.

Since the NSA scandal broke out, more than eight months ago, it has been revealed that Brazil was a target of the intelligence agency, which went as far as to tap Rousseff’s own phone, aside from spying on oil company Petrobras.

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