Bradley Manning Admits to Being the WikiLeaks Source

Though he is not pleading guilty to anything just yet

The Bradley Manning case is finally moving forwards, of sorts. The US soldier accused of providing WikiLeaks with hundreds of thousands of classified documents has been held captive for a couple of years now. Yet charges against him have only been brought forward earlier this year.

Now he is trying to speed up the process by admitting that he was the source of the WikiLeaks documents, though without pleading guilty of the charges.

This move is an attempt at bypassing some of the more serious charges and getting the court to focus on others. However, the judge has to approve the proposition, for it to mean anything.

It also has to be approved by the government. This is not a plea bargain, Manning is not pleading guilty to anything, but the move means the US government won't have to prove he was the source.

If the judge or the government rejects the deal, it can't be held against him and he doesn't have to admit to anything after that.

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