Blekko Debuts Slick Tablet Search App-Browser Hybrid − Izik

The app aims to make search easier on a tablet and comes with some interesting ideas

Blekko hasn't been able to take the search engine world by storm, but it does have its followers. Now, the team behind blekko have come up with a search engine app for tablets that's specifically designed for those devices. The app, izik, is available for iOS, Android and as a mobile web version.

The first thing you'll notice in izik is the UI, which is certainly different. Rather than adapting the existing search engine layout to the tablet, izik relies on a tile-based UI, results are grouped together in categories and individual ones occupy a tile.

You can swipe up and down to go through the categories, looking for, images, latest, and so on, and swipe left to right to see the results in each category.

Much like Yahoo's Axis, izik is more than a search engine and almost a full blown browser, as you'll be able to check out any of the results inside the app.

But the UI is just one part of the equation, also important are the results themselves. While blekko results are generally pretty good, Google's might is hard to overcome.


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