Black Friday Sales Top $1 Billion (€771 Million) for the First Time

More and more people are doing their shopping at home

No big surprise here, Black Friday sales were bigger than ever. Online, sales finally broke through the $1 billion, €771 million mark, with Amazon taking the lead.

It's a 26 percent rise over the previous numbers, online sales in the US reached $816 million, €630 million on Black Friday in 2011.

Amazon was not only the most visited online retailer, it was also the one which saw the biggest growth, an 18 percent increase in visitors over the previous year, rising to 57.3 million people.

Thanksgiving was also a busy day for online retailers, sales grew from $479 million, €369 million in 2011 to $633 million, €488 million this year, a 32 percent jump.

What's clear is that more and more people are comfortable with online shopping and, not only that, more and more people are staying at home for their holiday shopping rather than face the mobs at brick and mortar stores.

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