Bitcoins Hit Record Value After a String of Big Websites Started Adopting the Currency

Bitcoin value is on the rise again, though it's too early to get excited

A string of good news for the Bitcoin currency has pushed its value to record heights, this after a catastrophic drop last year. Bitcoins hit $34, €26 briefly and now trade at above $32, €24.50 having doubled their value in the past couple of months.

Bitcoins hit a low of $2, €1.52 last year after a string of problems, heists and general distrust of the cryptocurrency.

However, as several big players have started adopting Bitcoins and with Bitcoin exchanges becoming more serious businesses, people are having more faith in the currency again.

In a short span, Reddit and Mega began accepting Bitcoin payments. Very recently, the Internet Archive announced that some of its employees agreed to receive part of their pay in Bitcoins.

WordPress started supporting the currency sometime last year. All in all, things are looking up. Whether this means that the currency has finally stabilized is hard to say and unlikely. But it's starting to look like Bitcoins are slowly going mainstream.

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