Bitcasa Debuts Mobile Apps for Its Infinite Cloud Storage Service

The service is free for now, but will be $10 per month starting next February

Bitcasa, the cloud storage startup that promises infinite storage, free for now, is expanding its coverage with its first batch of mobile apps. Bitcasa is now offering an Android app and a Windows 8/RT app with an iOS one coming in early 2013.

There are already desktop client apps, a web client that works on mobile and even a Chrome extension.

But a solid set of mobile apps is a must for any cloud storage service. It's actually the absolute minimum in this highly competitive market.

The company has been offering infinite, or essentially infinite, cloud storage to its users, but the service has been in beta.

As soon as the beta period is over, in February 2013, Bitcasa is going to charge $10 for the infinite storage option, though there's probably going to be a free version as well.

Still, $10 a month for all the storage you'd ever need is significantly cheaper than anything its competitors can offer.

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