BitTorrent's Sync Users Transfer 1PB of Data in Two Weeks

Since Sync's Alpha version opened up to the public, the transferred data multiplied

BitTorrent has announced that its file synchronization tool Sync has reached an impressive milestone, namely 1 petabyte.

According to the company, that means that over 70 terabytes of data are synced every day with the help of their new tool.

Sync was introduced back in January and at the same time an Alpha version that required an invite was released. On April 23, the company opened up the service to the public.

Over that span of time, users synced over 200TB worth of data.

And, in the past two weeks, users have synced over 800TB of data. According to some calculations, the service will pass 10PB before a stable version is released.

Sync is a service that uses peer-to-peer technology to synchronize personal files across multiple computers and devices, similarly to Dropbox.

Since the service is based on the BitTorrent protocol, there are no third-party servers involved when you’re syncing your files, which means they are much safer.

To make things even better, all traffic between devices is encrypted with AES cypher and a 256-bit key created based off a random string that is unique for every folder.

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