BitTorrent Is Used by Facebook, Twitter, the Internet Archive, Still Gets a Bad Rap

BitTorrent is not just a pirate's tool, it's used for plenty of legal content

BitTorrent, the company behind the notorious protocol, is naturally sick of all the bad rap BitTorrent gets. The company itself is entirely legal and actually works to promote artists and content.

Still, plenty of people, knowingly or not, associate BitTorrent with piracy and nothing else and work to have it banned or at least slowed down at the protocol level.

This is the idea behind, a site just launched by BitTorrent which tries to explain why the protocol is a good thing for the web and how the company helps distribute legal content and help out artists in the process.

The site is simple enough, it just lists examples of how BitTorrent is used legally to promote culture or solve hard technological problems.

Things like Facebook and Twitter are using it for code distribution to thousands of servers, the Internet Archive is using it to share all of its content while using as little bandwidth as possible, or individual bands or artists are sharing their music or movies with the world.

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