Bird Photobombs Its Way into Google Maps

It's not just donkeys and people who want to become famous in Street View

Ever since Street View started becoming popular and people figured out what those strange cars with the cameras mounted up high were doing, they have been trying to photobomb the images.

Strange things, captured serendipitously or not, surface on Street View everyday.

People are playing dead, people have actually been seen dead, getting naked, and generally acting weird when they see a Street View car driving by.

But who knew that animals were getting in on the fun as well. Not too long ago, a donkey decided to have some fun at Google's expense and actually got the company in some trouble, as many people believed the car had actually run over the poor donkey.

Now, a bird decided it wanted to live on forever online but, since it couldn't find a Street View car around, it decided to photobomb someone's photo instead.

It's as if it knew full well that the photo would end up on Panoramio and from there in Google Maps alongside the Street View imagery, which is exactly what happened.

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