Bieber Overtakes Gaga in the Only Place That Matters, Twitter to Become No. 1 User

Gaga had been the most followed user on Twitter since 2010

It was a matter of time perhaps, the unmatchable Justin Bieber has caught up to Lady Gaga where it counts the most, on Twitter. Lady Gaga had been the most followed user on the site for more than two years, but it wasn't to last. Bieber's legions of fans have finally surpassed Gaga's hordes.

Bieber is up to 33.33 million followers to Gaga's 33.32 million. Still, Gaga's run on Twitter is nothing short of legendary, she was the first to pass 10 million followers, after overtaking Britney Spears to take the crown in 2010, then the first to both 20 million and 30 million.

Say what you will about Twitter, but it's certainly holding its own when it comes to celebrities, despite being five times smaller than Facebook, in terms of active users, it's seeing numbers comparable to the giant social network.

Bieber only has 50.6 million likes on Facebook, while Gaga is close 55 million, more than on Twitter, but not that much more.

Twitter is certainly playing the celebrity card, it's got a team dedicated exclusively to handling celebrity accounts and getting more to sign up. Their latest big score was getting the Pope to use Twitter.

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