Beautiful "Hand Painted" Map of the Few Undersea Cables That Carry Whole the Internet

Only a couple hundred cables connect the entire world

Nobody actually thinks how it is that something they type on their computer or phone gets to servers halfway around the world and then back to them in a few seconds or less.

Not that they should, not thinking about it means it's working. But the internet we take for granted wouldn't be possible without undersea fiber optic cables.

Even with more than two billion people online, there are only a few cables that connect us all, 232 are working at this moment.

TeleGeography put together an interactive map highlighting all of these connections, as well as planned ones. There's also plenty of other data such as latency, total bandwidth and so on.

It's a great tool for anyone curious about how the world is connected, but it's also a very beautiful map, done in the style of the beautiful, hand-painted maps of a few centuries ago.

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