Be Careful What You Google or You Might Be Viewed as a Terrorist

Googling pressure cookers, backpacks, and news brought the police on a family's doorsteps

Does anyone need evidence that the United States authorities are monitoring Internet activity? Well, one woman opened the door to find a “joint terrorism task force” on her doorstep after Googling the wrong things.

Michele Catalano, a woman who lives in New York, simply searched for pressure cookers online. Later her husband looked for backpacks and their son for information on the recent Boston bombings. These things combined will apparently bring the police at your house.

Of course, the search is quite unfortunate, since the Boston bombers used this exact combination of a pressure cooker hidden in a backpack, but no one in the family seems to have any illegal intentions.

However, the police officers who arrived in three black SUVs searched their house, asked a hundred questions about their lives before getting to the good part – did they own a pressure cooker?

Since Michele Catalano was only just browsing for one, they had none in their home. Not much later, the officers realized they weren’t actually dealing with terrorists and left.

But the situation does arise a lot of questions and it’s obvious that, if the authorities aren’t grabbing all the data from the Internet, they have keywords set in place.

[Update: It seems that Google wasn't the one to call the cops]

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