Bar Refaeli Kisses a Geek, Go Daddy Sees Record Sales – Video

Fighting for the title of worst Super Bowl ads can have its advantages

Companies pour millions of dollars into Super Bowl hoping to get some to return. For some it pays off, for some it doesn't. One prerequisite though would seem to at least have a good ad to showcase during the game, when a standard 30-second clip cost $3.8/€2.8 million this year.

Not many get that point though and instead seem to be competing for the title of worst Super Bowl ad, which can have its advantages, it gets people talking about you which is a good thing if you subscribe to the idea that all publicity is good publicity.

That's what GoDaddy seems to be thinking at least. For years, its ads have been focused on one thing, hot ladies with little clothing. But more recently, it vowed to change its image and show that it is a tech company after all.

This year's ad wanted to merge the two sides and what better way to do that than to have a supermodel kiss a geeky kid (while Danica Patrick watches).

Go Daddy wanted to create a stir and it sure managed, the ad got four million YouTube views before the Super Bowl even aired.

And, it seems, it paid off quite literally, Go Daddy saw a sales record for mobile sales, website builders, hosting and new customers, Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving boasted.

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