Aviary Scores Another High-Profile Win, Now Powering Photobucket

The Aviary API and SDK already powers a huge number of websites and apps

There's little doubt today that Aviary made the right decision when it dropped its web-based photo and image editors and started focusing entirely on its image editing API.

That API is now used by countless apps and websites, in fact, it's hard to find someone who isn't using it at this point, Yahoo, Twitter and so on.

It's adding a new partner now, another high-profile deal with Photobucket. It's a standard one, Aviary will provide editing tools enabling Photobucket users to modify and enhance their photos in place.

"Photo editing has always been a core part of the Photobucket web experience, but Photobucket users are also highly active on mobile," Aviary explained.

"With a new website recently launched, and upcoming updates to its mobile products, Photobucket turned to Aviary to provide robust and consistent cross-platform photo editing capabilities for its users," it added.

Aviary will be powering the editing tools in both the website and the upcoming mobile Photobucket apps. For now, the Aviary editor is live on Photobucket.com. Photobucket is using most of the tools provided by Aviary, resize, crop, color corrections, filters and so on.

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