Aviary Experiments with Real-Time Video Effects in the Browser

Aviary is known for its photo editing tools and effects, for the web and mobile devices

Aviary is doing great since it moved away from its online creative tools and started focusing on its API entirely.

These days, everyone from Twitter, to Yahoo, to Photobucket, uses its API to add photo editing tools, filters and effects to their apps or websites.

But it's not satisfied with that, Aviary revealed some of the more experimental things it's working on, including real-time video processing in the browser, courtesy of getUserMedia.

It's also working on making processing snappier, by leveraging web workers, which allow web apps to push intensive tasks to the background, keeping the UI thread running smoothly.

"Over the past few months, we’ve begun using Web Workers for a number of our internal tools," Aviary explained.

"Web Workers allow us to perform heavy image processing tasks as a background process to avoid freezing the UI. We hope to be able to roll these benefits into our product in the near future while providing a fallback to unsupported browsers," it added.

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