Astronaut Chris Hadfield Does a Reddit AMA from Space

Hadfield has been very active online in the months he's been aboard the ISS

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has been busy since arriving at the ISS in December. He's also made some time for the experiments he has to run, presumably.

Most of his time seems to be occupied with tweeting breathtaking photos from space, chatting with William Shatner, doing live concerts and generally being awesome.

Over the weekend, he's done another Reddit AMA, his third but the first one from space. Barack Obama, Bill Gates and plenty others have done the same, but this is the first extraterrestrial AMA (ask me anything).

As you can imagine, the AMA got thousands of comments, but Hadfield actually did a good job at answering most of the questions he got, from the trivial to the more personal ones.

If you missed the AMA live, you can still check out all the answers and the discussion in the Reddit thread.

And if you think you have a great question, there's a Google+ Hangout with Hadfield and a couple more astronauts coming up in a few days.

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