As Metallica Arrives on Spotify, Napster's Sean Parker Makes Peace with Lars Ulrich

The feud spelled the end for Napster and the beginning of the end for the music labels

Here's something you never thought possible a decade ago. No, not an online music service with tens of millions of songs at your disposal for just $5 a month, but Sean Parker, of Napster fame/notoriety and Lars Ulrich of Metallica fame/notoriety posing for a photo together. Unless that photo was in a courtroom.

But Metallica, the flag bearers of the anti-internet music industry is making peace with its former enemies, if for no reason other than no one actually buys their albums anymore.

The band, like so many others, relies a great deal on concerts to make a living, a very comfortable one at that.

What better way to get people to buy concert tickets than to flame the nostalgia in fans by making it possible and easy for them to listen to the same songs they listened two decades ago.

The two were on much more amiable terms during Spotify's event presenting the new follower model, but what else were they going to say about a decade-old feud.

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