As Google Peaks, Bing Hits Another All-Time High Though Bing-Powered Search Drops

Google added market share in October pushing it to top market share for the year

Not much happened in October in the US search market, but then again, not much happens in most months. Still, at least Yahoo managed to stop the slide downwards, Google jumped up a bit again and Bing, as always, snatched a bit more market share.

Google reached its highest number of the year, going past the peak hit last summer 66.8 percent, with 66.9 percent market share in October, according to comScore numbers. This after a big dip in August and a smaller rise in September.

Bing, Microsoft sites in total actually, reached 16 percent market share, the biggest ever number.

Bing started with 15.2 percent in January and has gained 0.1 or 0.2 percentage points per month for the past months.

Yahoo, on the other hand, started the year with 14.1 percent market share and has dropped to 12.2 percent in October, the same share it had in September.

The big drop means that, combined, Bing-powered search, i.e. both Bing and Yahoo Search, have 28.2 percent market share, a 0.1 percentage point rise from last month, but a drop from the 29.3 percent it had at the start of the year.

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