April Fools Roundup: Amazon's Cloud Now Drops Physical Servers from the Sky

Amazon is working on deploying not just virtual instances, but real servers as well

Google is not the only one to make the most of April Fools, even though the company is probably the biggest fan of the day. Amazon had a bit of fun as well with a clever prank for its Web Services.

Since launch, Amazon's web service has become synonymous with cloud computing, but it knows that sometimes, there's just no replacing an on-location server.

With that in mind, but while maintaining its cloud infrastructure (literally), Amazon Fresh Server was designed to deliver an EC2 instance to your doorstep within minutes.

The delivery method differs based on location, Amazon has trucks full of servers running about 24h a day in large cities, but if you're outside of the coverage area, it also developed an "atmospheric delivery" system which drops the server on your porch from satellite.


Amazon's Fresh Servers (2 Images)

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