Apple's Steve Wozniak Wants a Google Glass Device

No one can rezist the Google Glass, it seems, as even Apple's Wozniak wants one

The biggest companies in the world may be competing with each other when it comes to launching new products, but that doesn’t mean their leaders cannot appreciate what the others have to offer.

For instance, Apple’s Steve Wozniak seems to be quite fond of the Google Glass, the wearable tech device that has everyone talking about it for months.

“I think that (the Google Glass) has a chance too, and the reason is: I want one. I don’t have one because I haven’t enough time to be an early tester,” Wozniak told Wired UK.

It seems the Apple co-founder finds the device very promising.

“I think that’s where our biggest innovations come from. It’s people looking back at themselves and saying, ‘Here’s something that I really want that doesn’t exist. I’m going to make it, maybe just for myself and my company,” Wozniak said of the device.

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