Amazon's New FreeTime Unlimited Makes the Kindle Fire Safe for Kids

With videos and apps designed for kids, no in-app purchases or ads

The Kindle Fire has plenty of competition this year, a lot more than a year ago when it launched, but Amazon has a few tricks up its sleeve this holiday season. One very interesting move is the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a new subscription service for kids.

The new Kindle Fires already have a FreeTime mode which puts some locks and limits on the device, like disabling in-app purchases.

The new subscription service comes with content from Disney, Nickelodeon, DC Comics, Marvel and others and is targeted strictly at kids.

It's not included in the Amazon Prime service, though Prime subscribers get a discount at just $2.99, €2.28 a month per profile, $6.99, €5.33 for the entire family. Everyone else pays $4.99, €3.80 per profile or $9.99, €7.62 for the family.

Kids these days grow up with tablets and smartphones, but none was designed with kids in mind. The fact that it's so easy to buy apps or new items from a tablet has been one of the big complaints of parents.

Amazon's new features and service for the Kindle tablets should be a hit with parents and something to differentiate the devices from the other tablets.

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