Amazon's Cloud Player App Is Now Available for PC

You can listen to tracks bought through Amazon, but also from your hard drive

While the app was available for mobile devices for some time now, Amazon's Cloud Player can now be used on your PC. 

Amazon’s mission to bring its music service everywhere has taken another step as the company released a dedicated app for desktop PCs.

Up until now, it was possible for users to access Cloud Player through their web browsers, but the primary benefit of the PC app is the ability to store music offline.

This is a big bonus for those who don’t always want to be online or who don’t have a reliable connection.

It’s also possible to update your storage locker by scanning the hard drives for music files.

The app lets users stream music files that have been purchased from Amazon or uploaded to the cloud-based storage locker. The company lets you load an unlimited number of Amazon songs, as well as over 250 tracks from outside of Amazon.

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