Amazon's 4K TV Shows to Hit Samsung UltraHD TVs in October

Amazon's shows are finally going to be available in top quality

A while back, Amazon announced that its 2014 original series would be shot in 4K and streamed in the new ultra HD technology to Samsung UltraHD TVs.

Now, thanks to an announcement from Samsung, the date has finally been revealed about when these shows would finally be available to the public – in October.

The company said it plans to launch Amazon’s Ultra high definition video-on-demand service in October on a global level. Netflix’s similar service has also been expanded onto the Samsung screens in Europe.

Basically, the company’s Samsung 4K TVs will support the shows Amazon has worked on starting this fall, which is a obviously a good thing.

While Amazon’s announcement of filming movies in 4K received quite a few applauses from the industry and fans, it was the fact that people had nowhere to watch them that bothered people.

Even now, people shouldn’t be too happy, because it’s only Samsung that has so far announced intentions to support Amazon’s 4K streaming. Other manufacturers have kept mum on the topic so far, but it is expected for more to join soon.

Samsung has been particularly busy trying to get content for the 4K TVs, including a live stream of a Placido Domingo opera in Europe. It also released a 500GB drive with 40 movies and documentaries in 4K.

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