Amazon Sets Up Special Wearable Technology Store

Within, you'll now find the new store for wearable tech

Amazon has launched a brand new Wearable Technology store today, as it tries to stay ahead of today’s popular trends.

The store is a mere subsection of the regular ecommerce site and focuses on several devices that have made their way onto the market in the past few years, gathering them all in the same section.

Gadgets such as fitness band Fitbit, or the popular Narrative Clip, as well as wearable cameras, smartwatches, and healthcare devices. There are quite a few things that everyone will love and that most people are already familiar with, like the Pebble smartwatch, the GoPro cameras and more.

Since this is a relatively new category of devices, Amazon’s microsite is also trying to offer users a helping hand and explain things about each category and introduce them to wearable tech in general.

It will be interesting to see what type of gadgets the company will add in the coming months. It is perhaps just another location where Google will finally sell its long-awaited Glass devices or where the rumored Apple smartwatch will finally end up as well.

The store is obviously just starting to gain its shape, but the future will certainly bring a lot of new releases in this category, which means that it will be nice for Amazon to gather them all up.

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