Amazon Prime Introduces Monthly $7.99 Pricing, to Take on Netflix, Hulu

Making it easier to sign up to Amazon's digital content subscription service

Amazon Prime has been the company's big tool to keeping customers close as they make the switch to digital content.

Prime offers free two-day shipping on any item you buy in the store, but also access to movies and TV shows, as well as the Kindle Lending Library for free.

Since its inception, Amazon Prime has come with a strict yearly fee of $79, €61.72, again in the US. But the company is now introducing a monthly option at $7.99, €6.24.

This adds up to $95.88, €74.91, but it means that users who may have balked at the steep yearly fee may still plunk down $7.99 for the service and get hooked.

Apart from possibly helping Amazon target a wider audience, it also means it can better compete with Netflix and, to a lesser degree, with Hulu.

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