Amazon Opens Wine Marketplace

Up to six bottles delivered to your door for $9.99 shipping

Amazon may be getting more and more interested in selling you digital movies, music, books and so on and so forth. But it's still the world's largest online and the largest retail store.

And it's getting bigger, adding more stuff to sell, like wine. This is only in the US, but if you're itching for something a bit more upper class (barely), Amazon now has you covered.

The Amazon wine market, which is in beta apparently, will sell more than 1,000 wines from all over the US to people in several states in the US.

"Amazon Wine is an ideal place to buy wine online, offering a vast selection of wines from iconic brands to enthusiast favorites," Amazon boasts.

"Learn about wine by hearing directly from the winemaker about winemaking techniques, wine tasting notes, vineyard details, and wine pairing suggestions," it says.

State laws and regulations prevent Amazon from selling across the country. Still, where it's available, people can order up to six bottles at a time for a $9.99 shipping fee.

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