Amazon Loses Two Partners in Locker Program Bloomberg

The Amazon Lockers are now available in less stores

Amazon has just lost two partners in its delivery locker program, namely RadioShack and Staples.

After a mere ten months, the two companies decided to pull the Amazon Lockers from their respective stores as this didn’t add any extra customers on their list, Bloomberg reports.

The idea behind the lockers is to have Amazon customers place an order and retrieve their items at a public pick-up spot at their convenience. This would help avoid scheduling deliveries and risk of theft if the person is not at home when the product arrives.

Thus, the Amazon Lockers were born, placed in various stores as a trial period. The stores that accepted to host these lockers surely hoped to attract more buyers as Amazon customers marched through their buildings.

However, since that didn’t happen, the two stores decided to quit the deal. Amazon continues to have 7-Eleven, Rite-Aid, Safeway, and Walgreen on the list of partners.

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