Amazon Launches Storyteller Tool

The online tool is in beta and can be used to create dynamic storyboards

Amazon has launched Storyteller, an online tool that helps convert scripts into dynamic and professional storyboards.

The project is only in beta so far, but it can already perform a lot of actions, such as automatically identifying scenes, locations and characters from a script that has been uploaded to Amazon Studio.

It can even file the objects into a library of assets that includes characters, props and backgrounds.

If the library doesn’t hold the scenario you have imagined, Storyteller even lets you upload your own images, as well as to change facial expressions and positions of characters. Adding captions and further dialogue is also possible.

When the product is completed, the storyboard can be published to Amazon Studies where other users can leave feedback.

This is yet another step that Amazon has taken to nurture the next generation of writers, scriptwriters, directors and cinematographers but also the old ones that seek new tools to help with their work.

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