Amazon Introduces Virtual Currency for Kindle Apps, Amazon Coins

Amazon is adding some flexibility to its app store

In a somewhat strange but perhaps expectable move, Amazon has unveiled its very own virtual currency dubbed Amazon Coins and restricted to its Kindle tablets for now.

The Coins are coming to the US in May and will enable users to buy apps, games or in-app content on their Kindle Fire.

Amazon plans to give away quite a few of these coins to promote the service and it's clear that the virtual currency opens up some new ways of subsidizing apps, offering incentives and so on. Whether it's something users want or like remains to be seen.

Amazon Coins are actually very similar to Facebook Credits, they're designed to work inside the platform and to make it easier for people to spend on apps and games.

The benefit for Amazon is that it will get to take a 30 percent cut of any transaction done with Coins. It already does that for the apps and games in its Appstore, so it shouldn't be much of a change, but again, virtual currency makes it a lot easier for Amazon to handle this.

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