Amazon Fires German Security Firm Allegedly Linked to the Neo-Nazi Movement

As more reports of harsh working conditions at its warehouses come out

Amazon has announced that it has terminated its contract with a German security company, which was overseeing its warehouses in the country, after allegations of links to the neo-Nazi movement.

A documentary by the German public TV channel ARD revealed the links as well some alleged abuses by the staff.

The company, Hensel European Security Services, whose initials, coincidentally or not, spell out the name of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess, has denied the allegations and said that it employs people of various faiths.

The documentary was critical of Amazon's working conditions in general. Temporary workers in particular have it rough, with long hours, short breaks and constant surveillance.

Amazon has responded by severing ties with the security company, but hasn't touched on the other issues raised by the report.

The company has been the target of criticism in other places as well for the conditions in its warehouses.

Recent reports in the UK also detail a rather brutal environment and earlier ones from the US paint a similar picture, indicating that this is a matter of work culture at Amazon rather than a local phenomenon.

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