Amazon Expands Same-Day Delivery to Dallas and San Francisco [WSJ]

Amazon is slowly expanding one of its most sought-out features

Until Amazon’s drone-delivery system is up and running, the shortest time you’re going to get your order is one day, but not even that’s available everywhere. The company is working to expand the program, however, and has just added two new cities to the list.

According to Amazon’s announcement, Dallas and San Francisco have now joined the list of cities with same-day delivery, right along with Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle and Washington D.C.

In order to take advantage of this , you have to place your order by a certain time, which ranges from as early as 7 AM to 12.15 PM, but this depends on the city you live in.

The company has also rolled out a new improvement to the site in order to help people filter out the products they can get local express delivery for, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Amazon has been trying to move away from delivering products with the help of middlemen such as UPS or FedEx, especially following the Christmas fiasco when so many people didn’t even get their deliveries on time. Not to mention the fact that such carriers cost Amazon quite a bit of money, which has been dragging the company down and pushing it to increase its Prime subscription costs.

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