Amazon Debuts Cloud Database Service, Drops Prices on S3 Storage

Amazon is expanding its cloud service offerings with a new data warehouse service

Amazon's got a few announcements for its Web Services platform, made during the AWS re:Invent conference currently underway. It introduced a new data storage service and it's dropping prices on existing services, as expected.

First, Amazon Redshift, the new data warehouse product, is currently in public beta. Redshift is designed for companies that need to store large amounts of data and have it readily available.

It's a relational database in the cloud essentially and has all the advantages of any other Amazon cloud service, pay as you go and pay only for what you use. Businesses can buy storage from a few hundreds of gigabytes to petabytes, as needed.

At the same time, Amazon is also dropping prices of its S3 storage service, by about 25 percent across the board. Only a couple of days ago, Google dropped the prices of its own cloud computing platform.

Google has only recently started to compete with Amazon in this area, but it unveiled its own database service earlier than Amazon.

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