All Google Analytics Users Can Now Monitor Their Site's Loading Speeds

The Site Speed report no longer requires custom code

Google is now making it easier for website owners to monitor their website's performance. A few months ago, it started enabling Google Analytics users to add tracking code that would test to see how fast a page would load.

Now, website owners no loger need to additional code, all Analytics users get the Site Speed report without having to do anything.

"Speed matters. Faster loading pages mean more visitors land on your site instead of waiting in frustration or leaving. The Google Analytics Site Speed report will help you learn which of your pages are underperforming, so you can address this potential barrier to your conversions," Google explained.

All Analytics users can now go to the content section and select Site Speed. They have thee options for viewing the data, Explorer - for individual page performance, Performance - for the speed of the entire site, and Map Overlay - to provide a performance view depending on location.

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