Aereo Explains Its Side of the Story Ahead of Supreme Court Hearing

Aereo has launched a site that presents why it believes the Court should rule in its favor

Next week, Aereo is facing the judges of the Supreme Court in a battle that could mean the end of the company if things don’t go its way.

In an effort to have everyone understand their point of view and why, in their opinion, they’re the ones who should win the case and not the broadcasters, the folks over at Aereo have launched a new website called

The website offers more information about the service, trying to make everyone understand how it works and why it should be allowed to freely offer over-the-air HDTV signals to customers and the option to digitally record the shows.

The company is saying that each of its subscribers is using their own micro antenna. In terms of the law, there’s no difference between what Aereo does and cases when individuals set up their own antennas. The same can be said about the recording devices that enable people to playback recordings. The only thing the company does is rent people equipment needed to do these things.

“We look forward to presenting our case to the Supreme Court on April 22 and we have every hope and confidence that the Court will continue to validate and preserve a consumer’s right to use lawful technology innovations like Aereo,” the company writes on the new site it released.

The page includes opinions issued by lower courts, Aereo’s briefs that were sent to the court and the amicus briefs submitted by other entities in favor of Aereo.

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