Adobe Fixes Flash Player Crashes in Firefox, after Two Weeks

The problem proved a tough nut to crack for both Mozilla and Adobe

Adobe has updated its latest Flash Player plugin to finally fix the crashes that have been plaguing some Firefox users. Flash 11.3, released a couple of weeks ago, introduced the sandbox to Firefox. The feature is a great security improvement, but it also caused problems for some users, notably those that used plugins to rip video and audio content from Flash streams.

Mozilla and Adobe worked on the issue for quite a while, more than a week, but were only now able to fix the problem entirely. Both companies had published workarounds and advised users to downgrade Flash as a last resort.

Flash Player 11.3.300.262, now available for download, was released solely to fix the issue. If you've been having problems you'll probably want to grab it now and not wait for the automatic update.

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