Adobe Creative Cloud Is Down Worldwide Updated

The company is currently investigating these issues

Bad news for those using Adobe’s Creative Cloud as all services related to it, with few exceptions, are now down worldwide. The unfortunate event happened less than an hour ago and seems to affect Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Adobe has already acknowledged the issues and is now investigating, which means that it will take some time until the problems are identified and a resolution is offered.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to sign in to Creative Cloud services or create new Adobe IDs. Purchasing Creative Cloud subscriptions does not work either.

The status page of the Creative Cloud services has been updated to reflect the current situations. Apart from the services and operations mentioned earlier, we can add two more that do not work.

Admins trying to modify their Team accounts are also affected by these issues. And last but not least, you will not be able to download any applications from the Creative Cloud website.

The Creative Cloud desktop app and everything related to files, fonts and settings sync seem to be in order, but other than that, everything is down.

We will keep an eye out on any new info on Creative Cloud’s issues and we’ll update again as we find out more, so stay tuned.

Update 1: One of our readers has just informed us that fonts actually are not working either!

Update 2: Adobe is currently working to fix the issue. You can now see the message below displayed on the Creative Cloud website ("Creative Cloud is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back later. Thank you for your patience.")

Creative Cloud site is undergoing maintenance
Creative Cloud site is undergoing maintenance

Update 3: Here is the latest statement coming directly from Adobe: "login is currently offline, impacting access to Adobe services. We apologize for the disruption. We have identified the cause and are working to restore the service as quickly as possible."

At the moment all Adobe Creative Cloud services have been taken down, as the company's engineers are trying to restore them. We'll update as soon as they go live once again.

Update 4: All services are now up and running. It only took about 24 hours for Adobe to fix the issues.

Update 5: Adobe has finally issued an official statement on its service outage that lasted for around 24 hours. Here is the entire post published on Adobe's blog site:

"Several Adobe services were down or unreachable for many of you over the last 24 hours. The failure happened during database maintenance activity and affected services that require users to log in with an Adobe ID.

First, and most importantly, we want to apologize for this outage because we know how critical our services are to you and how disruptive it’s been to those of you who felt the impact.

We understand that the time it took to restore service has been frustrating, but we wanted to be as thorough as possible. We have identified the root cause of this failure and are putting standards in place to prevent this from happening again.

We are aware that we didn’t meet your expectations (or ours) today. For this, we apologize. Thanks for bearing with us as we worked to resolve this – and know that we will do better."


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