Adblock Plus Won't Block Reddit Ads by Default

Reddit meets the "acceptable ads" criteria so it's been whitelisted

Adblock and the myriad of clones and similar add-ons and tools have been hugely popular and for good reason. The web is littered with annoying, sleazy or downright dangerous ads.

A way of getting rid of them was welcomed by most. But the web also depends on ads, most of what you use is paid for by advertising.

Adblock Plus knows this, which is why it has been working on allowing some ads through from sites that meet some requirements. Reddit meets those requirements, which is why it is now whitelisted for Adblock Plus users.

"We hate annoying and disruptive ads as much as everyone else, and we’ve always had limits on the type of ads we accept at Reddit. We respect our community and we’re serious about not displaying obnoxious ads," Reddit's Erik Martin.

"It's awesome that we're now being included in Adblock Plus' whitelisting program as well. We’re also proud that our community has contributed to the general discussion of 'acceptable ads'," he added.

By default, Adblock Plus will not remove ads from Reddit or from any other site that follows the "acceptable ads" guidelines. Users can block all ads if they want to, even those in the whitelist, but most people will use the default settings.

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