A "Hello World" Firefox OS App and Guide for Absolute Beginners

Mozilla is showcasing a bare-bones app that could serve as the basis for most app types

Mozilla is getting closer to launching Firefox OS and, as with any mobile operating system, its success depends almost entirely on developers. Luckily, Mozilla has a big thing going for it, Firefox OS runs apps built on standard web technologies, making it possible for a huge number of people to work on them.

Even seasoned web devs need a bit of practice to get accustomed to Firefox OS and create suitable apps for the platform, not to mention developers who have just started out.

Mozilla is working on creating robust documentation and a test environment for Firefox OS, the fact that all you need is a modified browser helps, but there's still plenty to go.

It's getting better though, Mozilla is highlighting fxosstub, a bare-bones Firefox OS app that is designed to serve as a starting point and as a reference app for those wanting to give Firefox OS a try. The app doesn't do anything, it just sets up everything that any functional app would need.

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