A Simple Way of Grabbing All of the Gorgeous Chrome OS Wallpapers

Some of the wallpapers built into Chrome OS are quite spectacular

Chrome OS, for the longest time, was simply a browser on top of the Linux kernel. It's been making strides and adding some more traditional desktop features recently, the dock it got almost a year ago was the big step forward.

Still, its desktop features are very limited, but it nailed some of the few ones that it does have.

Case in point: wallpapers, Chrome OS has some great wallpapers and it keeps on adding more.

That might not seem like much of a feature, the web is filled with nice photos, but built-in wallpapers are a surefire way of impressing new users and keeping the desktop fresh without too much trouble.

You can get all of the Chrome OS wallpapers, if you know where to look, but there's an even easier way, courtesy of Chrome enthusiast François Beaufort, his new Chrome OS Wallpapers app.

You do need Chrome to get it, but you can then browse all of the wallpapers and just download the ones you like. There's the added benefit the app being updated with newer wallpapers if they're added.

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