9 Year-Old Pirate Girl Settles, Gets Her Winnie the Pooh Laptop Back

The whole thing was over with just €300 in "damages"

One nine year old girl, her father anyway, became famous overnight after police stormed their apartment and seized the tool allegedly used for copyright infringement, the girl's Winnie the Pooh laptop.

The two became the latest victims of a common money-making scheme, threaten people, pirates or not, with expensive lawsuits over infringement that may have happened or not, and then offer the easy way out, a cash payment.

The Finnish man was the victim of a such a scheme, operated by the country's anti-piracy group CIAPC, and was asked a reasonable €600 for his crime.

He decided to call the bluff, which turned out to be a bad idea, as CIAPC sent the police to the man's house one early morning.

The police came in, scoured the place and made off with the girl's laptop. Obviously, a lot of people were quite upset over this, including the artist whose songs the girl tried to download, with no luck as she ended up buying them anyway.

Now, the man has agreed to a new settlement with the group, for €300, $389, which will get rid of the charges and will have the laptop sent back.

It's a shame that such an obvious abuse wasn't fought, but it's easy to understand why you'd just want to put the whole thing behind you and move on.

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